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God as told us he would give us anything we asked for through prayer( if we knew how to pray)
One (beginner) should start by praying for
his past sins with sorrow

In times of affliction and troubles one must pray

When suffering persecution, one can recite the gloria patri ( jaculatory prayer, short form of prayer) and one can also pray the psalms

One's life should be an continual prayer. A person prays by his good work, good intentions, good deeds, by fighting sin with all ones strenght, by resisting to temptations, by ones abstention from lawlwssness by being good all the time etc... .
One must pray with humility, faith, confidence and constance, attention, fervor.

purity of life and good works are considered as the best preparation for prayer.

Some persons prayed for years, the same prayers, petitions, before their prayers were answered

it can happen that our prayers are left unanswered becouse of sin commited on our behalf. At other times the Lord does not give us what we requested but gives us someting better.

Prayers purifies the soul and transforme the soul in the likeness of God

Prayers have been scientifically proven to heal, it chases sorrow and anxiety away, it can give you strenght in the battle against the ennemy, it appease anger, makes hatred and envy dissapear, prayers protect you in your journey, it guards you during the day and the night.

We can ask through prayers what is good for us such as, life, health, deliverance from illness, fertility of land, exemption from misery, remission of sins, heavenly happiness, victory over our ennemies.

We should pray for everyone, for our friends, for our ennemies, for the dead, for the church, for our bishops, for political powers, for the souls in purgatory, for the just and sinners, we can pray for happiness and salvation for all.

The Lord did not say he would give us right away what we asked for

if a young child ask his mother for a knife, his mother will not give the child what he ask, it could be harmfull to him by doing so, it is the same with the Lord, if what we ask is harmfull to us, the Lord will not grant us our request
We can pray anywhere we are the temple of God, we do not need to be at church to make prayers. 

 A person can ask for intercessions, for the angels and saints, and the virgin Mary to pray for us, it can happen to be more effective

 When tempted we should pray until the temptation pass

Pray for the damned they can be saved

 Almsgiving and good works are considered  to be as the perfumes of prayers.

The more a person is pure the more his prayers will be answered, usually, if not all the time( a reason why our prayers may be answered faster is through intercessions made by the saints, angels and the virgin Mary)

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a pure heart is constantly Joyfull, even when suffering the worst

There will be no such things as pain, sufferings and sorrow in heaven, rejoice the kingdome is at hand

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